Do You Play Minecraft? Fill Out a Survey for Mojang

Mojang is asking for the Minecraft community’s help with a new survey. If you play Minecraft on PC, Mac, iOS, Android, or the Xbox 360, then you’re eligible to complete the survey here.

Before you start thinking that your survey answers will change the world of Minecraft as we know it, stop worrying: Mojang claims that the survey is just for fun and that the answers will have “almost no discernible impact on Minecraft’s future development.”

Nevertheless, if you want Mojang to know how you feel about the game, then you can answer survey questions like:

“What kind of player are you?”

“What’s hiding in Jeb’s ponytail?”

“Suggest a new mob for Minecraft!”

“You can eat anything in the world, cooked by an award-winning chef. What do you choose?”

As is the case with everything released by Mojang, the survey features some of the company’s trademark sarcasm and bizarre humour. The survey consists of six questions in total, so it won’t take more than a minute to complete.

While Mojang claims that the survey questions will have little impact on Minecraft’s future development, it’s hard to believe that when they ask for new mob suggestions. So if you want to let Mojang know exactly how you feel about their game (or if you just want to see your favorite animal rendered in block form), click here to fill out the survey.

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