Diamond-filled Desert Temple Seed for Minecraft 1.8

This week we’re going to feature another amazing seed for Minecraft 1.8, and this one is filled with girl’s best friend – diamonds!

This week’s seed is:

The highlight of this seed is the Desert temple located right near the spawn. The Temple, by itself, is special as it is quite rare. In addition, the Temple is in the edge of multiple biomes with its entrance just above the river.


9 diamonds


Inside the Desert Temple are nine (yes nine!) diamonds and two iron ingots. With this, you can create an armor and a sword that would last for several Minecraft days.


shooting star?


The seed itself is quite unique as it features several weird generated terrain such as this almost perfect circle crater that looks like a shooting star located right across the Desert Temple.


more craters


For some reason, these circles/ craters are scattered across the map. So far I’ve found four – with the biggest near the spawn.


Survival-wise, the seed features a plain biome with many accessible resources and building potential. Trees are a little bit far from the spawn but re-planting them in the plain biome wouldn’t be a problem.




Across the river is an amazing mesa biome that is connected to a desert one. This biome is one of my favorite biomes because I feel like a western cowboy while moving around the red hills.




At a distance, you can find a swamp biome meshed to a roofed forest – thus making the area extra dangerous during both the night and  the day. If you are desperate however, going down this road for food isn’t such a bad idea as the two “merged” biomes have all the resources you need to create a multitude of mushrooms soups.


Epic-looking mountains and hills can also be found not far away from the Temple. On these parts, there are variety of rocks including the new ones introduced on Minecraft 1.8 (i.e. granite).

Overall, this seems to be a very nice seed for survival. The Desert Temple can be considered as Notch’s gift that can also be used as a shelter in the middle of many useful biomes. If you are new in Minecraft, I suggest taking this seed for a spin.

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