Derivation Texture Pack For Minecraft 1.6.4/1.7.2/1.7.4/1.7.5

If you are looking for a beautiful looking texture pack that has a hit of an RPG element in it the Derivation Texture Pack by Levaunt on hits the spot! This 32×32 texture pack was inspired by new and old RPGs and was created with 100% pixel art according to the post. When I first saw the image of the texture pack online I instantly fell in love with the RPG style of the textures. Being an RPG game lover I knew that this was right for me. One of the other cool things about this texture pack is that it is compatible with several mods such as “Better Than Wolves” “Elemental Arrows” and “Simple Ores”. Many of players use these mods and it is nice the artists took a spin on them himself.

One of the defining features about this texture pack for me is the mobs, and that is why I am going to review them first. The mobs just look downright creepy (I’m talking to you creeper!). The creepers look insanely detailed and missing an eye and the mouth droops to the left side, like it has a stroke or something. The skellies are also missing a lower jaw which probably fell off fighting you with an awesome looking diamond sword. Fighting an enderman is a little bit scarier considering the eyes scattered across its entire body. While other mobs are interesting take a look for yourself and download below or click HERE!

The armor in this texture pack makes you look like a boss! As soon as you put on that fancy looking armor of yours you will be transformed into dark knight looking medieval thing that looks pretty menacing from a far distance. Other armors will make you look half robot while some might turn you into a masked assassin bent on killing a king. However you have to have the best equipment to kill that king, so how about an arsenal of vine covered wooden sticks and huge sharp diamond blades? The weapons in this texture pack have been re-textured to look like objects of mass murder! The edges on the golden sword look as if it would belong to the pirate monsters of the Nether!

As far as blocks go in this texture pack, they take deep inspiration from the dungeons you would see in a RPG. The stone looks especially good when you go cave spelunking for long periods of time and normal textures are just too boring for your style. As far as building on a large scale such as a monument or big home you might want to consider otherwise, as they just don’t seem to fit my standard of building. I’m not saying they aren’t impressive however. They just seem a bit too RPG like for me. With that, that is all for that texture pack review.

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How to install the Derivation Texture Pack By Levaunt

Step 1) Download HERE!

Step 2) Place in Texture Pack Folder

Step 3) Select the texture pack in your settings

Step 4) Have fun!

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