Cynips’s Synesthesia Texture Pack

The scope and quality of this texture pack is nothing short of mindblowing.  User Cynips has spent over 100 hours hand-drawing textures for each block in Minecraft.  Yes, you read that right – hand drawn!  Welcome to Cynips’s Synesthesia, a texture pack unlike anything you have ever seen before.




Let me just say it once again, because even as an art major in college, this impresses me to no end: all of the textures in this pack are drawn out, by hand, then scanned in one at a time.  He even took a photo of some of his drawings to show us:




I never thought a black and white version of Minecraft could look good, but Cynips has shown us undeniably that it definitely can.  This screenshot in particular, showing the detail of the wood grain and stone, just leaves me without words:




And another screenshot, showing the adorable little flowers in a field of subtly wavy grass:




I could compliment this pack’s level of detail all day, but instead, I’ll let you just see for yourself.  It is still being updated, so expect to see some reworks of textures the artist is unhappy with in the near future.

Installing Cynips’s Synesthesia for Minecraft 1.7


  1. Download the latest version of the texture pack here.

  2. Download MCPatcher here and install it.

  3. Launch Minecraft with the new MCPatcher profile.

  4. Go to: Options > Resource Packs > Open a new resource pack.  Select the zip downloaded in step 1 and close the window.

  5. Click on the icon for the texture pack and select done.

  6. Your game may freeze for several minutes as it loads this massive texture pack.  Textures are available in 512, 256, and 128 versions, but the artists highly recommends the highest resolution for full appreciation of detail (as do I!).


And there you have it – wonderfully artful black and white Minecraft!  This pack is obviously not suited for everyone’s tastes.  How do you feel about it?  Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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