Craft Kart Map for Minecraft

Mario Kart in Minecraft.  That’s it.  Do I really need to say more?


User Superwiiplayer and his team – CC45678, GoldHypercurve, and Imnopdude – have created Craft Kart, a minigame map that allows players to revisit one of the greatest Nintendo 64 games in history.


In this map, players will ride pigs with carrots on a stick to race to the finish line.  Just like the original, racers can pick up various items along the way to give power-ups that enhance driving ability, or weapons to stop opponents dead in their tracks.


The carrot on a stick can also be activated to boost the pig, but racers must be wary of it eventually breaking.  New carrots on sticks can be crafted once one is exhausted.


Craft Kart Maps


The maps in Mario Kart were mostly what made it a memorable experience.  The developers behind Craft Kart have recreated some of the most beloved race tracks, while adding in a few of their own to give it a distinct Minecraft feel.


  • Circuit: this is the basic 8-shaped Karting map.  Complete with luscious forests, a patch of dangerous sand, a blimp and a stadium, this is a very close copy to the original experience.  Also, I’m not sure but I think I see a tardis.


  • Sherbet Land: I was always terrible at icy tracks.  This one is no exception.  In Sherbet Land, players will race their pigs over ice blocks around a frozen lake.  For good measure, there is a dark cave and multiple “chances” to get items – actually, it is almost unavoidable.


  • Gameboy Advanced Version’s Bowser Castle 3: what could possibly be better than racing over a giant lake of lava?  Let me tell you – racing over a giant lake of lava with platforming challenges.  If you aren’t careful on this level you will undoubtedly melt; there is of course always the possibility of being thrust into the lava by another player as well.


  • Desert Ruins: This map is fairly standard.  It is a race through a few different pyramids and structures in the desert with a few minor safety hazards.  No sweat!


  • Rainforest: if nothing else, this map is tough due to being dark and rainy.  There are lights along the way, but visibility is hindered.  Plus it looks fantastic, so you’ll probably be distracted even further.


  • Nether Core: one of the Minecraft original maps, players will race through the depths of Hell.  Pools and pillars of lava are abundant.


  • The End: another Minecraft original map; this track pits racers against each other in a winding path floating in the abyss.


  • Lost Island: a beach, flourishing forests, and a huge volcanic mountain – the perfect vacation.  This map has some characteristic shortcuts, but otherwise it is pretty standard.


  • Mushroom Fields: this is a pretty bizarre map.  There are many twists and turns, high walls, and a couple of alternate routes.  It isn’t as dangerous as many of the other tracks, but the surrounding water can pose a problem.


  • Rainbow Road: and of course, the Mario Kart staple track.  Be prepared to race by a space ship, creeper head, zombie head, and even Mario himself.  The rainbow track is admittedly a bit disorienting, but it is all in all an awesome track.



More information about this map is available when players first begin, so if any of your questions are left unanswered, you may find the answer there.


How to Install Craft Kart for Minecraft


  1. Download Craft Kart.

  2. Hold the Windows key and press R to open the Run… dialog, or access it via the start menu.

  3. Type in %appdata% and navigate to .minecraft\saves

  4. Unzip the .zip file from step 1 and place the folder in this directory.

  5. Run the launcher without mods, select single player, and start the game!  Remember to select Open to LAN and invite some friends!


What is your favorite Mario Kart track?  Or do you perhaps find one of the Minecraft original tracks more enjoyable?  Let us know in the comments below!

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