ClinicCraft – Fundraising Through Minecraft

Minecraft has been known to foster great creativity in the past.  It is a game that requires improvisation, planning, efficiency, and patience.  All of this makes for a challenging and rewarding experience, but what if it could be used for more than just fun?


Meet Chris Doney and Dan Maher, two Minecraft players who have taken it upon themselves to begin a fundraising campaign that could save many lives:




The premise of their mission is simple: Liberia, a country in Western Africa, suffers from a severe shortage of birth clinics.  This results in a very low survival rate for newborns and health complications for those who do survive.  Currently, about 8% of babies in Liberia do not live past the age of one.


Chris and Dan hope to raise awareness of this issue by designing and constructing a clinic in the world of Minecraft, documenting their progress in videos.  They also hope to raise donations for Save The Children, which will fund the actual creation of a clinic in Liberia.  Rather than trying to do this on their own, however, they have requested the help of the Minecraft community to do what they do best: build awesome structures!


Via their website,, the duo features the latest builds and promotes their cause.  Blueprints and instructions for building your own clinic are provided, which can be followed closely or deviated from entirely – they do not wish to limit your best asset, which is creativity.


In order to support the cause, you should share your creations and ClinicCraft with as many people as possible.  Twitter, Facebook, Forums, or even good old fashioned e-mails are all great ways to do this.  Be sure to use @ClinicCraft or #ClinicCraft when sharing via social media.  Donations can be made directly on their website.


Such a valiant effort is not without reward, of course:


Aside from the satisfaction of feeling heroically awesome for helping to save countless lives, Dan and Chris are running a competition until late September.  The three best clinics will receive awesome Minecraft-related prizes, with runner-ups getting some decent consolation prizes as well.


So, what are you waiting for?  Get out there and build an awesome clinic – then come back and share it in the comments here!

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