Check Out This Virtual Tour of Mojang’s Office

Most of us know the TV show “MTV Cribs”. Well, Mojang apparently knew the show as well, because they recently released a video called “Mojang Cribs” onto their YouTube channel.

There’s some cool stuff to see on the Mojang tour. Including two dishwashers, dozens of community awards, bottles of alcohol in the fridge, and a drawer filled with energy drinks.

You also get to see Minecraft programmers in their natural habitat. Their natural habitat includes laidback outfits, big headphones, and custom programming keyboards.

There’s even a pinball machine and a pool table in the office. And on Fridays, the office celebrates gaming Fridays where the employees can go into the theatre room and – you guessed it – game.

My personal favorite part of the tour is the portrait section. Mojang photoshopped pictures of themselves onto pictures of famous people. Then, they sent those pictures to China to get them oil painted and framed. Today, those pictures cover an entire wall of the Mojang studio.

So yeah, their office is pretty sick. What do you think, could you work at Mojang? I know I could.

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