Cave-In! Map for Minecraft 1.8

Let’s put Mine back to Minecraft as you are stranded deep underground with seemingly no hope of seeing the sky again in this awesome Minecraft map for version 1.8.

Created by danaphanous and his team known as “OathBrothers”, this map is a survival themed map with an engaging story and challenging scenarios.

The Story


In this map, you (and your friends) will play as the regular miner on a large mining company  where life is repetitive but otherwise okay. One day, the group of surveyors and researchers found an anomaly in the world’s bedrock leading towards the layers below.

A team of miners, including you, were chosen to explore and investigate this new discovery and upon the start of the investigation an earthquake suddenly  collapsed the platform, sending you and your team down to the depths below.

When you woke up, you find yourself underneath the bedrock layers – on to the ground that have never seen the light of day and was never touched by any humans for hundreds of generations. The darkness cover this place and creatures of unexplainable origins are its denizens. How long can you survive? Is there even a hope to see the sunrise?



The challenge is to live, play, and prosper under the ground and without sunlight. Food will be scarce and monsters will continually spawn. The goal of this map is to ultimately rescue yourself and emerge back into the surface.



For added gameplay and replay value, a list of challenges are set for players to do.

Tier 1: easy

1. Construct a set of stone tools

2. Find and smelt iron

3. Build a house

4. make a farm with 2 sources of food

5. construct a mob-spawner farm

Tier 2: progressive

6. Find Redstone ore

7. Find Lapis ore

8. Obtain a full suit of armor

9. obtain an enchanted item

10. Strike diamond!!!

Tier 3: difficult

11. Construct an anvil

12. Make a Jukebox

13. Construct an enchanting table

14. Construct a nether portal

15. Make a brewing stand

Tier 4: for fun

16. Build a railroad of at least length 250

17. Make a redstone machine

18. Cure a villager friend!

19. make an iron golem companion

20. make a snow golem companion

Tier 5: extreme

21. Create a chicken farm

22. Infiltrate a stronghold

23. Defeat the Ender Dragon

24. Defeat the wither

25. Escape Cave-In! (Return to Surface)



After I played through this map, I find it amazing, challenging, and fun (in the sense that it is challenging). The maps are amazing and well detailed, and the story/map flow was well thought off. I highly recommend survival players and role players to try out this map. It is also more fun to play it with a friend – but not so many as you might lack the food. 🙂


How to Install Cave In! Map for Minecraft 1.8
Download the map here.

Hold the Windows key and press R to open the Run… dialog, or access it via the start menu.

Type in %appdata% and navigate to .minecraft\saves

Unzip the .zip file from step 1 and place the folder in this directory.

Run the launcher without mods, select single player, and start the game!



Comments 2

  • I played this map and it found it has been updated! There is now even more fun stuff to do down underground and the ending was really well done! I’m not giving any hints but heading for the stronghold the game really heated up for me, sooo much fun stuff there to do and a great story emerged too! If you guys love survival you HAVE to try out this map. I did it with my buddy and we had a blast. 😀 They said they are working on a 2nd map as well!

  • wow! This map is so much fun! I really like that they customized the world generation. It has a much better feel than the default vanilla underground and is twice as big! I always got annoyed with how the ores in minecraft were in such small pockets and were so common. This map makes it more like real mining with much rarer ores but very large veins of them upon discovery! It’s like a treasure hunt. The updated version is pretty fun too they added some new stuff to the west and the end of the game (stronghold). So fun! Thanks for linking this map Tom! 😀

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