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SierraHawk of PlanetMinecraft and his team have created a toolbox that is interesting, useful, and just fun to play with.  BuildMania ToolBox will bring some new options to your Minecraft experience, and make many aspects of playing and managing the game easier.


Currently, the BuildMania GUI has nine tabs:

  • Seed list

  • Skin viewer

  • Server status

  • Summon helper

  • Sign generator

  • Remote control

  • Permissions editor

  • World Backup

  • Links

These are all rather self explanatory, but I will go into detail for each one of them.  This tool is still in active development and SierraHawk plans to expand it.  As you read through the details of this wonderful little program, please take note of how simple yet elegant its design is – it has a clean and straightforward interface that many modern applications lack.


Seed list


As the name implies, this is a list of seeds.  Each one is hand picked by the BuildMania team for any interesting qualities it possesses.


In the example above, the seed given is for version 1.7.2 through 1.7.10, and starts the player off in a huge ravine, surrounded by a deceptively beautiful landscape – for while it is nice to look at, you may have a difficult time trying to survive.


Other seeds include things like villagers, temples, strongholds, veins of diamonds, or just specific combinations of biomes that are hard to find.


Of particularly interest for this tool are the three buttons below the preview image:


  • The one on the left copies the seed number when clicked – a decent time saver.

  • The one on the right takes the user to a website where he or she can see the seed in more detail.

  • The central button displays a popup with information on specific points of interest in the seed.  For example, in the Instant Diamonds seed, the point X: 150 / Y: 31 / Z: 151 is listed as the coordinates for the skeleton spawner.


Skin viewer


This is a simple tool that allows you to view, save, and use the skin of any player.  Let’s take a look at Notch:


I’m not sure why his face is missing.  Anyway – many tools like this have been done before, two of which have been reviewed by me.  It is nothing terribly impressive but nonetheless a great addition to this wholesome tool.


Server status


Wondering if your favorite server is online?  Waiting for one to come back up from maintenance?  Now you don’t have to keep Minecraft open – just fill in the details on this tab and click check:


You can also have a list of favorites on the right side to quickly check multiple servers.  Also featured on this page is a shameless plug for Peli_CZ, one of the team members.  A nice touch.


Summon helper


This is by far my favorite part of this tool.  It would be worth the download if this was the only component.  With the summon helper, you can enter any attributes that you want for any creature that appears in Minecraft and generate the code to summon them:


Here you can observe CreeperChicken – a chicken with the head of a creeper and turquoise leather armor.  He’s also extremely fast and tough to kill.


You can equip each summon with any armor, weapon, or tool, including player or mob heads, and enchant them however you want (with whatever level you want – even beyond V!).  Simply click show command in the bottom right corner when you are finished, then copy and paste the resulting code into Minecraft.


Sign generator


Another interesting but not quite so useful part of this program – with this tab you can plan out your signs and even save them as PNG files to use on your website or a forum.


Not a bad addition, and certainly useful in some situations.


Remote control


You can use this to access your server’s console from within the program.  This is great if you do not have a physical server, or even if you do and are simply on another computer.


The GUI here is self-explanatory, but note that you will have to download and install the plugin on the left of this tab to use the remote control feature.  See the download section for information on how to do this.


Once the server is logged in, your tab will change to a classic looking DOS window with a box in place of the command line.


Permissions editor


This tab can be used to create .yml files for permissions.


Permissions are a facet of servers and customizing who can access certain properties of the game (specifically with mods and plugins).


World backup


If you plan on trying out new mods, especially in combination with other mods you already have installed, this is a fantastic tool.  With this you can quickly back up any or all of your worlds with a few simple clicks:


And if it turns out that the mods you installed ruined your world, or if perhaps you simply wish to revert to an older state, simply click the restore button.




Finally, the links tab is simple and useful:


This collection of links contains useful resources, information, and websites, along with their authors.  I would like to see this expanded and categorized, but for now it functions perfectly well.


Downloading BuildMania ToolBox


This tool works with all versions of Minecraft – just be aware that some functions are version specific depending on how they are used.  Setting up BuildMania is simple:


  1. Download the latest version from the BuildMania Toolbox page on PlanetMinecraft.

  2. Unzip and install the file.  You can launch it immediately.

  3. If you wish to set up a server, you must also download the supplemental plugin here.  Your server must also be compatible with plugins (CraftBukkit, Spigot, etc.).

  4. Install the plugin on your server.

  5. Make sure your server has an open TCP port for the program to access.


That’s all it takes!  What is your favorite part of this tool, and what would you like to see added?  Personally, as I said above, the summon helper is my favorite – I could see myself wasting far too much time messing around with it.  I’d like to see other command helpers like that, such as a player enchanting one.  Leave your thoughts in the comments below!

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