BlingJeweled Bukkit Plugin

Have you ever been waiting for someone to log on, finish a task, or find you in Minecraft, bored out of your mind?  SethBling has created a plugin that allows you to play Bejeweled in your inventory with the gems and ores of Minecraft to pass the time!


This plugin is quite simple.  It modifies emeralds so that once right-clicked, they will open the inventory screen (as if viewing a double chest) and begin a game of BlingJeweled:


This minigame is played in the same way that the traditional Bejeweled was.  Players must arrange gems and ores so that matches of three in a row are made.  Items will glow when clicked to indicate that they are selected, and only adjacent items can be swapped.  If swapping two items will not result in a match being made, the move will not be allowed.


Score is not kept and there is no end to the game – it is just a fun way to occupy your time.  You can close the game at any time by pressing the inventory key (E by default), and start a new game by right-clicking an emerald again.


Check out the creator’s video of the plugin here:



How to Install BlingJeweled Plugin


  1. Download the latest version of the BlingJeweled Plugin.

  2. Place the .jar file from step 1 into your game or server’s plugins directory.

  3. Run the game or server and wait for it to fully load.

  4. Restart your Minecraft game or server, or login to your admin account and execute the /reload command.

  5. Run the server or enter a world again.  The plugin should be properly loaded.


What minigame do you think would be interesting to see made playable in your inventory?  Leave your ideas in the comments below!

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