Better Than Wolves Mod for Minecraft 1.6.4/1.7.2/1.7.4/1.7.5

Better Than Wolves Mod is one of the most feature-rich Minecraft mods in the world. It adds a wide variety of new features and items into the game. Better Than Wolves 1.6 is a total conversion mod that changes a dizzying number of things in the Minecraft world.

One of the biggest changes made to Better Than Wolves is the ‘Ages’ feature. The mod can be broken down into several distinct ages that represent the player’s technological process. In order to progress from one age to the next, the player must complete certain objectives.

Players start in the Age of Wood, for example. Then, once they’ve constructed a Hard Crank and Mill Stone, they move onto Age of Wood Tier 1: Basic Mechanical Power. Each stage has a set of primary and secondary goals, and specific requirements must be met in order to move forward.

As ages are unlocked, players have access to more and more types of items. In the first tier of the Age of Wood, players can have a gear, hand crank, and mill stone, for example. By the time the player has progressed to the later ages, they can craft hellfire, block dispensers, soulforged steel, and other fun items.

Along the way, players learn to create power for their mill, breed animals, and do all sorts of other fun stuff. For example, the primary goal of the Age of wood Tier 2 is to learn how the mechanical power system works. To do that, players create a wind mill and power it using a mill stone.

Instead of spoiling the mod’s entire list of features and Ages, we’ll let you discover them for yourself.

Better Than Wolves has a dedicated community of followers that have created all sorts of cool add-ons for the mod. Texture packs are available for download, for example, and there’s even an entire forum dedicated to Better Than Wolves discussion.

There is one major catch to Better Than Wolves – it doesn’t work with almost any other mods. Trying to play Better Than Wolves with any other mods installed will lead to crashes, errors, and serious glitches. The only mod that Better Than Wolves does work with is BuildCraft (but only if you have Better Than BuildCraft installed). Better Than Wolves is also only available for single player use.

The mod creator, FlowerChild, has acknowledged that the Better Than Wolves mod has a weird name. Many people are confused when they hear ‘Better Than Wolves’ – instead of thinking it’s a total conversion mod, they think it somehow modifies wolf textures. As you can see from the above features, Better Than Wolves 1.6 does so much more than that.

How to Install Better Than Wolves Mod for Minecraft 1.6.4/1.7.2/1.7.4/1.7.5

As complex as Better Than Wolves is, the installation process is no different than other Minecraft mods.

Step 1) Download and install ModLoader

Step 2) Download Better Than Wolves 1.6 here

Step 3) Copy the files from the ‘Minecraft jar’ folder of the Better Than Wolves mod into the actual Minecraft.jar folder

Step 4) Delete the META-INF file

Step 5) Play

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