Basic Recipes for Minecraft 1.6.4/1.7.2/1.7.4/1.7.5

Wooden planks: Wooden planks can be crafted by placing one wooden block in the recipe window. Wood is used to create buildings and as a basic ingredient in many other tips of recipes.

Wooden Planks Recipe

Sticks: Sticks are made from placing two wooden planks on top of one another in the crafting window. Sticks can craft paintings, fences, ladders, arrows, signs, and torches. Sticks are also used as the handles for weapons and tools like a pickaxe or sword.

Sticks Recipe

Torches: Place charcoal on top of a stick in the crafting window in order to create a torch. Players use torches to melt snow and use and to light up dark parts of the Minecraft world.

Torches Recipe

Crafting Table: The Crafting Table is created by placing four wooden planks together in the crafting window. The Crafting Table allows players to use a 3×3 recipe window as opposed to the basic 2×2 crafting window.

Crafting Table Recipe

Furnace: Place 8 blocks in a square around a 3×3 crafting window to create a furnace. Using a furnace, players can smelt various items.

Furnace Recipe

Chest: The chest recipe is similar to the furnace recipe.8 wooden planks are placed in a square around the 3×3 crafting window. Chests can store blocks and items, and players can craft two chests together in order to create a chest that is twice as large.

Chest Recipe

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