Awesome Adventure Seed for Minecraft 1.8.1

This week, our seed is all about adventure, reward, exploration, and survival.

The seed is:


This seed will spawn you in the middle of the small patch of forest with a pond, a lake and a river nearby. There is also a patch of Peony flowers near the spawn to make your adventure merry.


Moving along the spawn you will notice a small patch of pumpkins, a mesa biome not far away, and a desert biome besides it.


The mesa biome nearby features a pointy/ spiked-shaped hills that look weird and yet pretty cool. It’s mesa biome also has a lot of building potential and doesn’t have excessive hills that are common on a mesa biome. Another mesa biome can be seen not far away from the first, and this one contains massive hills similar to real life mesa.


On the desert near the spawn, you can see a desert temple where you can find some diamonds. Another desert temple can be seen a bit far from the spawn but it, too, contains some valuable treasure including diamonds.


Heading forward to the coordinates X:215. Z:670 is a cute little desert village with a sunken desert temple right on the village’s premise. This temple has a massive amount diamonds and more valuable treasures that will make your adventures worth it.


Survival wise, there is enough materials at the spawn to self-sustain your adventure. There is also a big plain biome with a bunch of caves on a nearby hill with ores making mining and building easier. Animals are also common with groups of horses scattered.

Overall, you can get an easy 15 diamonds, some diamond and iron horse armor, and other valuable loot just by hopping from one temple to another. This is indeed an amazing seed for adventuring and multiplayer.

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