AMCO Mod 1.6 for Minecraft 1.6.4/1.7.2/1.7.4/1.7.5

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If you’re looking for a safe way to transform your Minecraft gaming experience, then AMCO 1.6 is highly recommended. AMCO is a bundle of approximately 70 different mods from the Minecraft community. Included in the package are some of the community’s most popular mods, like the Portal Gun Mod, BuildCraft, Millenaire, and so much more.

Instead of just throwing a bunch of mods at you, AMCO has seamlessly integrated each mod into the Minecraft world. Mods have been tested extensively to ensure that they work properly with one another, and AMCO even comes with a custom installer that makes the installation process as simple as possible.

Using AMCO, players can add new and exciting ores to their game with the Nether Ores mod. Or, they can see strange new mobs and creatures thanks to the Creeps and Wierdos mod.

AMCO doesn’t just add new items and mobs into the Minecraft world; it also enhances the Minecraft engine’s graphics with high-resolution textures. These graphical enhancements are immediately noticeable after firing up AMCO for the first time, and players can even install the Opti-Fine mod if they want to make their game look as beautiful as possible.

After installing AMCO, your Minecraft world will immediately look different. There are dense forests filled with massive trees, for example, as well as islands in the sky, complex ruins, and deep cave systems. There are all sorts of new items to craft and a plethora of ways to travel around the map. AMCO includes just about all of the most popular mods for Minecraft.

And, best of all, the creators of AMCO have extensively tested the mod bundle to ensure that it works as smoothly as possible. That means players don’t have to worry about mod incompatibilities, glitches, or other problems with their game. Instead, they can simply sit back and explore everything this new world has to offer.

AMCO is still in development and more mods may be added in the future. For now, the list of included mods covers everything a player could need. From creating a whole new world of machines with Industrial Craft to exploring floating islands with the Floating Ruins mod, AMCO adds hundreds of new features into the game.

Whether you’re bored with vanilla Minecraft or you want your modding experience to be as straightforward as possible, AMCO is one of the Minecraft community’s most popular mods. Check it out today!

How to Install the AMCO Mod 1.6

If you think AMCO has a complicated installation process, you’d be wrong. The mod is incredibly easy to install thanks to a custom Java installer.

Step 1) AMCO 1.6 works best with a fresh installation of Minecraft, which means that you haven’t altered your game files in any way. If you’re installing AMCO on a non-vanilla version of Minecraft, the installer might not work properly.

Step 2) Download AMCO 1.6 from here

Step 3) Unzip the AMCO folder to anywhere on your PC

Step 4) Right-click on file you just unzipped and click ‘Open With’ then select Java

Step 5) The installer will go to work. Press Next when prompted then wait for it to complete

Step 6) *Optional* Install Opti-Fine for HD textures. AMCO’s creators have acknowledged that Opti-Fine works smoothly with the mod package.

Step 6) Start up Minecraft and enjoy!

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