Ambitious Gamer Trying to Walk to the End of the Earth in Minecraft

Minecraft is one of the most unique games out there today. Its worlds are made up of randomly generated biomes that stretch for endless distances.

Except those distances aren’t endless. Eventually, your Minecraft world ends at a place called the Far Worlds, which is where your game starts to break down and weird terrain generation glitches start to appear.

Now, one Minecraft player named Kurt Mac plans to find the Far Worlds without teleporting or using cheats. He estimates it will take him about 22 years to reach the Far Worlds and he has already travelled 700km.

Why on Earth is Kurt Mac doing this? He simply wants to see how big the Minecraft world is.

Mac’s quest began three years ago, in March 2011. He started his journey by spawning into a game world, picking a direction, and walking in a straight line. Over the past three years, Mac has covered 700km in-game. What started out as a standard Minecraft game has turned into a near-endless adventure.

Fortunately, Mac isn’t just doing this for selfish reasons. He’s actually raised $160,000 for his walk-a-thon in support of Child’s Play charity.

The real question is – will anyone care what the Far Lands looks like in 25 years? Doesn’t Kurt Mac know about teleporting commands or mods?

More importantly, doesn’t Mac know that the Far Lands were removed from Minecraft several years ago?

Mac is actually aware of all of these criticisms. He vows not to use cheat codes or mods to get to the Far Lands, and he promises to never upgrade his Minecraft so that the Far Lands will always be there. That’s right: Mac is still using Minecraft 1.7.3 beta.

You can follow Mac’s journey on YouTube, where he describes his charity goals and any new developments that have occurred in his journey west. Mac is currently on Episode 319. Every episode begins with him waking up in a shelter and heading due West away from the rising sun. At his side is his trusted canine companion, Wolfie.

As the episodes have gone on, Mac has talked less and less about his journey and has instead turned his regular show into more of a podcast. As Mac walks due west, he talks about his life, his thoughts, and of course, Minecraft.

Each episode ends with the setting sun and Mac digging a shelter. The YouTube episode linked above actually has around 40,000 views, so Mac has his fair share of supporters.

You’ve got to approve of a guy who sets a goal for himself and is still working towards that goal three years later. Plus, it’s all in support of a good cause. We wish Kurt Mac the best of luck on his journey to the ends of the earth.

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