Amazing Survival Seed for Minecraft 1.8.1

The featured seed for this week is a seed focused on survival and exploration with a dash of fantasy-style terrain along the way.

This week’s seed is:


The seed will spawn you in a plain biome – mostly covered with pigs and other animals. This plain features a bunker-deep trench in a snake like pattern with a few good ores nearby (mostly iron).

2014-12-03_22.33.19 - Copy

This will lead into several deep caves (one connected to a cave under a nearby forest) which seem to be all a dead-end… except for one that leads into an underground ravine which is worth exploring.


On the underground ravine is a dungeon that spawns zombies. The treasure chest there holds 2 C418 – 13 music disks, among other items.

2014-12-03_22.32.58 - Copy
Near the spawn is a cool forest above a cave, and just ahead is a mountain formation with water falls, hanging hills, and floating islands which looks epic.

2014-12-03_22.34.20 - Copy

These sky-high mountains gush with water and lava and are separated with narrow areas with hidden caves underneath them.

2014-12-03_22.32.24 - Copy 2014-12-03_22.31.18

The mountains feature wide canopies and huge overhanging bodies with random waterfalls that make it look like it came out of a fantasy book of middle earth.

2014-12-03_22.36.04 - Copy

But that’s not it, although separated by many chunks, there are several of these mountain groups located not so far from the spawn – meaning your adventure doesn’t end on one place.


Across roofed forests and jungles are also some sweet looking mountains with deep caves that may hold untold treasures or dangers.

Survival-wise, this seed is good and able. There are also some wide plains near extreme hill biomes that you can build a village or a city upon with your friends. This seed is best played in multiplayer as it is very vast with lots of explorable and challenging locations along with good building potentials and scenic mountains.

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