Amazing Seed for Minecraft 1.8

It all started in a windy Thursday, with the beach behind you, cows mooing in front, and a scenic view of a mountain that reaches the sky not far away. And you think to yourself “My, what a good seed!”

The featured seed for this week is:


and it has “paradise” written all over it.

Your character will spawn near a beach write next to a small pond where you can see a couple of tiny lava pools up ahead. There will be a small patch of forest nearby (big enough to supply players with couple stacks of wood) right across a small cave for the pirates to hide their treasure chests on or for you to camp in on your first night.

Amazing Seed for Minecraft 1.8 (1)

Moving forward will be some cloud level mountains with natural water falls and a sweet ravine next to it for your stone and mining needs – summing it all up for an almost perfect location to spawn to.

Amazing Seed for Minecraft 1.8 (4)

In case you get a lonely, there is an NPC village on the coordinates x: 236, y: 71, z: 659 where you can move your residence or mingle with the locals.

Amazing Seed for Minecraft 1.8 (7)

The highlight of this seed is the Ocean Monument that you can find not far from the spawn. In the coordinates x: 40, y: 39, z: -735, you will find three lovely islands, and between them is a rare Ocean Monument that hosts the deadly (yet cute) guardians and their humongous mother – the elder guardian. The Monument would only be visible in the surface if you use a night vision potion.

Overall, I think this seed would be great for those who love to see the new features of Minecraft 1.8 while playing in survival. The new Ocean Monument isn’t far from spawn and the spawn point itself has all the needed resources to survive. If you like this seed or found some other interesting landmarks that I’ve missed, let me know in the comment section below!

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