AdventureCraft Mod for Minecraft 1.6.4/1.7.2/1.7.4/1.7.5

If you’ve ever thought Minecraft was lacking in adventure, then you’ll love AdventureCraft. AdventureCraft 1.6 allows users to create adventure-packed worlds for themselves and other players. It allows users to add musical scripts, trigger blocks, quest-giving NPCs, and hundreds of other adventure-related features.

AdventureCraft 1.6 is packed with items and tools that make it easy to design the perfect adventure. Users can choose where and when mobs spawn by using special trigger blocks. Players step on these trigger blocks as they walk through the world in order to spawn a mob (or multiple mobs), making adventures a harrowing experience.

The mod has a dedicated community of fans that regularly create content for AdventureCraft. Some of the best mods are featured on AdventureCraft’s wiki site. Players looking for some of the Minecraft world’s toughest adventure can start their journey there. Some adventures are so difficult that the creators have even designed special walkthroughs for them.

Getting through puzzles and adventures would be easy if you could create blocks, so AdventureCraft disables that ability for players. There is also a robust JavaScript scripting system that allows code-savvy modders to create musical scripts, program NPCs, enable mob spawners, and edit all sorts of aspects of their adventures.

The AdventureCraft mod also adds several new mobs and items into the Minecraft world, including:





-Boss skeletons (players cannot damage boss skeletons directly)


-Bombs and bomb arrows



-Power gloves



-Gold and silver keys

There are also over 317 new blocks that have been added into the game, including a number of different trigger blocks, weather blocks, timer blocks, triggered doors, and pushable block sensors. The majority of the 317 new blocks are decorative blocks, including textures for stone, metal, chains, ropes, vines, and other adventure-related materials.

Building adventures in the AdventureCraft mod is fun and easy. Players use an editor (debug mode) to create their adventure, allowing them to turn any flat, boring map into a Mayan Temple laced with puzzles.

The creator of AdventureCraft is constantly tweaking the design and adding new and exciting features. For everything from one-way doors to player triggered mob creation, AdventureCraft has the tools you need to set off on a legendary adventure (or create one yourself).

How to install AdventureCraft Mod for Minecraft 1.6.4/1.7.2/1.7.4/1.7.5

Step 1) Download AdventureCraft 1.6 here

Step 2) Double click the AdventureCraft.jar file to automatically install AdventureCraft. You can choose a fresh install or an install into your existing Minecraft game.

Step 3) Start playing

For more information about creating scripts and designing the perfect adventure, head to the AdventureCraft wiki, which contains all of the resources players could ever need.

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