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MinecraftDLS is a downloads and news site centered around the sandbox first-person video game Minecraft, created by Mojang in Stockholm, Sweeden. The site was created in 2012.

Commenting Rules

We have thousands of visitors every day, and dozens of frequent commenters. We love being able to have a comments section, we love seeing the discussion and trading of ideas that takes place in the magical land of comments. However, our site does have it’s fair share of comment spam and people that aren’t so nice, so we are establishing rules for commenting on our site. These are very basic and most of you already follow them very well, but we decided to put all the rules in one place.

  1. No cussing or bad language. This is our big one. If you cuss at someone, call them stupid, or drop the f-bomb your comment account will be banned from the site. No warning, no questions asked. We have a large amount of younger visitors, and we want to keep the site clean.
  2. No one-word comments. No comments with just one word, like ‘Hi’, ‘LOL’, or ‘cool’. They aren’t interesting or helpful, and they bog up the comments system. If you like a comment, instead of saying cool just use the upvote button next to the comment :)
  3. No hating. Pretty self-explanatory, an example is “I hate Minecraft, Minecraft is stupid and overrated it doesnt even have guns it’s stupid.” It’s extremely annoying. If you don’t like something, explain why. Don’t just go on a rampage in the comments.
  4. Use Reply when replying to a comment. If you want to reply to a certain comment, click the Reply button next to the comment instead of making a New comment in the main thread. It bogs up the comment section, and no one can tell who you are talking to.
  5. No Spam. You know what spam is. Don’t spam. Comments with links will have to be approved by us before they are allowed to become public, due to the massive amounts of spam we get.


If you would like to contact the owner of this site please do so at: arran@minecraftpecheats.com

Or… Use the form below: 

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