5 Awesome Seeds for Minecraft Pocket Edition

This week we will show you not one, not two, but five awesome seeds for Minecraft Pocket Edtion (MCPE).


This seed features two massive villages of different types that generates in an old world format. Good seed for players who are new to the game and just wanted to know what minecraft is all about. The world is pretty safe with lots of built in shelters – perfect for creating a jam-packed city on your pocket.



This seed features an amazing mountainous terrain with jaw dropping caverns and overhangs. It also features a waterfall on the sides with lots of high level mountain separated yet closely placed with each other. What makes this seed extra special is the amazing NPC village that spawns right on top of these mountains – making a breath-taking, life-risking village to live in.



This pretty rare seed will start you off under the ground – literally. In this seed you will spawn inside a cave in which you still need to find your way out to see the light of the sun. There may or may not be a path heading up so you’ll need to dig your way up to the dirt. Be aware though, that you will spawn below a river – so make sure not to let yourself drown.


This is an intense seed with areas that almost reaches the max height, a cave with a path that leads deeper and deeper, and awesome tall mountains. The cave features tons of coal ore and zombies and features two entrances: one in the middle of a huge mountain, and the other one on its foot.

Inter-City Rail


This seed features the very rare mushroom biome in MCPE! This mushroom biome generates on the side of a regular plain biomes and features lots of mooshroom mobs.

Did you enjoy our list? Stay tuned for next week!


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