4J Studios Announces that Minecraft Is Currently Running In-House on Xbox One and PlayStation 4

Minecraft is currently available on two platforms: Xbox 360 and PC (I’m not counting Minecraft: Pocket Edition).

Within a few weeks, there may be up to 4 more consoles with access to Minecraft. 4J Studios, which is in charge of the console versions of Minecraft, has been developing the PS3 Edition of Minecraft for several months.

However, 4J Studios also recently announced that Minecraft is currently running in-house on next-gen consoles: the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One:


@Wood_712 The game is running on both Xbox One and PS4, but there’s a lot more work to do on both. No dates for either yet.

— 4J Studios (@4JStudios) December 8, 2013

That’s good news for next-gen Minecraft gamers, but it doesn’t mean that a PS4/Xbox One edition of Minecraft will be released tomorrow. 4J Studios is reportedly going to release the PlayStation 3 version of Minecraft before any others.

So how close is 4J Studios to releasing a PS3 version of Minecraft? Apparently, the developer is in the final stages of removing bugs from that version, which means a final release may only be a few weeks away.

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