2 Neighboring Village Seed for Minecraft 1.8

Kick start your minecraft adventure by using this cool Minecraft seed for Minecraft version 1.8.X


Discovered by username FailGiraffe123, this seed will spawn on the edge of a moderate-sized plain biome with a village not more than 30 blocks away. This tiny village only has a 2 huts, 1 animal farm, and 1 church/ tower.

A couple of blocks away from this village are trees and some small hills. There is also a river with a desert biome across it.


Head over to large desert biome and you will come across a moderate size desert NPC village with a blacksmith with a horse saddle, 4 pieces of apple, 3 pieces of bread, and 1 iron boots that should be more than enough to kick start your game.


On the edges of the desert is also a nice Savannah biome and a Savanna plateau biome with an epic mountain formation with 4 natural water falls, 1 natural lava falls, and a series of floating chunks of stone.

This amazing mountain also has a sweet overhang bridge and features a lot of building potential.

Overall, this seed is sweet as it is easy to start and survive with. The area also features a lot of building potential and building materials, and monsters have little to no shade to hide on.


The second village (the one in the desert) also has five farms and 2 of them are large farms – making survival easy. This seed is for those who wants to prosper in minecraft without experiencing the struggle of starting out. Minecraft villages can also be used as shelters in the early games and the river is a good source of fish.

This seed is also suitable for multiplayer game play and for those who love to play in peaceful mode.

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