100 Floors Map for Minecraft

The popular puzzle game for Android makes a glorious appearance in Minecraft!  If you’ve ever played the original 100 Floors, you already have an idea of how awesome this map is.  User KGold (note: not the original developer of 100 Floors for Android) has created a map for Minecraft that reinvents this game.

For anyone who has not played 100 Floors, the premise is simple.  You have entered a building with 100 floors, and you must reach the top.  However, each floor has a puzzle that must be solved and the elevator for some reason only advances one floor at a time.  Some puzzles may involve switches:




While others may involve avoiding harm:




And others still yet will have puzzles that will require some creative thinking:




Having a 3D version of this game makes it awesome already, but some puzzles may also involve crafting and placing or destroying blocks.  This makes the possibility for puzzles nearly endless.


Currently the map has just over 50 floors, and is still actively being updated.  Be sure to check back frequently as KGold makes progress on creating more floors.  If you get stuck while playing this map, check out the game’s guide on the download page – but be warned that it will spoil the map for you!


How to Install 100 Floors for Minecraft


  1. Download100 Floors.

  2. Hold the Windows key and press R to open the Run… dialog, or access it via the start menu.

  3. Type in %appdata% and navigate to .minecraft\saves

  4. Unzip the .zip file from step 1 and place the folder in this directory.

  5. Run the launcher without mods, select single player, and start the game!  Remember to select Open to LAN and invite a friend!


One of the most entertaining points of 100 Floors is that each floor can be completely different from the last.  Can you think of any awesome puzzles making use of Minecraft’s mechanics?  Leave your ideas in the comments below!

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